Lillebaby The Complete Airflow Baby Carrier Review

When I was researching I was drawn to Lillebaby because of the reviews. Moms LOVE them. If you aren’t a member of the Facebook group “Lillebaby love” you should be. If you enjoy baby wearing or just want to see more of it, or learn more about it then you should so join the group. I was so nervous to pay $150 for a Tula, then later (for baby #2) have to spend more money on the infant insert, same with the Ergo… and I just didn’t like the other brands much… so as I read about Lillebaby I learned the following things, and I now have something to say about each one of them:

  • No infant insert needed… There are YouTube videos on the proper way to wear a newborn in the Lille. You can use Lillebaby starting at 7 pounds!
  • Lumbar support and cross straps! They really knew what they were doing when they added lumbar support. I have worn Trae for 3 hours consecutively and never felt the slightest pain in my back. The ability to cross straps in the back was a lifesaver during that 3 hours too. I felt no burning or strain in my shoulders or neck. I mean it was literally like I was carrying no weight.
  • *6* carry positions… in one carrier. From 7 pounds to 45 pounds. Fetal carry, infant carry, toddler carry, facing out, hip, and back. I use facing out, facing in, hip and back carries daily all for a different purpose. Example… I use our pond to water my garden, creeks that flow down from the mountain feed it, so it’s good water… I don’t like to bend over with Trae on my back that close to the water, so I wear him on my left hip and fill my water bucket with my right arm… so convenient. I work out with him on my back now, and wear him in the front while shopping. I face him out while hiking sometimes, or while eating in a restaurant. Every carry position has benefits and uses.
  • Front zipper pocket… Lillebaby really keeps not only the baby but mommas in mind. The front zipper pocket is all I need when I shop. My phone and money/cards and coupons fit perfectly in there. I carry lip gloss sometimes too and even my keys.
  • Head/neck support… I love this feature (with or without the hood that comes attached, which can also be detached). When I first started working out with Trae I wore him on the front. The head and neck support kept his head in place and from moving around while I jumped or did Zumba. It also worked perfectly (I did this with the extra hood and without it) for nursing in public. I nursed in my Lille’s all the time and no one ever knew. I’ve done this in the grocery and church multiple times!

Okay, so there’s 5 benefits… I could list more but I want to talk about the carriers I have. I have 3 at the moment… Lillebaby Essentials, Embossed, and Air Flow. Each one has their own purpose for me. I use the Essentials for home use, Air Flow for hiking and exercise, and Embossed for shopping and going places where I need to feel “dressed up”. Next on my list is one of the new Lille’s from the organic line! Here is my review on the 3 that I have:


It is so cute! I love that the shoulder straps can be adjusted from the front, you can tighten them to bring baby closer or loosen them to let baby fall farther from you. I found particularly useful when nursing in the essentials. Once I nursed in the Essentials while I vacuumed. I’m not lying to you. I love the chevron print and the neutral colors. I bought some cute boy drool pads, and if a little girl ever comes along I can dress it up in pink. There is no lumbar support with the Essentials, it can be bought separately.

You also can’t adjust the seat from narrow to wide. Baby must be 15 pounds before you use it. The baby must also be big enough that the bend of the knee meets the edge of the seat… I wore my son in the Essentials at 7 months. The material is canvas. I did try to do some work outside a few days ago in it and had to switch to my Air Flow. It was around 82 degrees and the fabric just wasn’t breathable enough to keep him cool, which made me hotter.

There is also a mesh hood that can be attached to the shoulder straps with clips. I use this if the baby falls asleep, otherwise he hates it. It is a very handy feature! I LOVE my Essentials, and it is my favorite to wear at home. The Essentials is the lowest priced at $90.00, and worth every cent.

Air Flow

I love my Air Flow! I love the beautiful champagne color. It’s like a sandy, beachy color. I chose a neutral tone for gender sharing purposes. I hiked in 85 degree temperatures (it was shaded) and both of us stayed comfortable. The mesh fabric is very breathable, and still sturdy and strong. I did find that it took longer for me to “break it in”. The shoulder straps seemed a little bulky to me at first, but after wearing it every day for a couple of weeks it is perfect.

I was worried that the hipseat baby carrier may not feel as strong as my Essentials or Embossed. It is CrossFit, Zumba, and hiking tested… and APPROVED. The Air Flow (as long as all other “original” styles) has the lumbar support included, as well as a nice little pad under the chest clip, and head/neck support. The pad under the chest clip is nice to have. It keeps the clip from digging into my chest (or back).

I highly recommend the Air Flow for moms and babies in warm weather climates, those who spend lots of time outside, hiking, working out or doing anything else that can warm you or baby up! Layers can always be added in cold weather! The Air Flow is priced at $124.99, I used a 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon to buy mine, also got free shipping and ended up paying $104.95!


Enjoying Hobby Lobby… he never even knew he was there! This photo features the head support which I love so much.

Okay, I saved the best for last. I want every color they have out. These carriers are beautiful. They have quilted designs on the back panel that are beautiful and come in vibrant, gorgeous colors. I have the teal, I was so torn between citrus, navy and teal. If I ever have a girl I will be purchasing a coral Embossed the day I find out the gender! They have recently come out with black, white and gray in the Embossed too… all of them are so beautiful.

The best part about the Embossed? The comfort. I mean my other 2 are comfy, but the Embossed is so floppy and soft and the straps just mold to your shoulders. It is a very light carrier. It is also breathable compared to the Essentials canvas material. It is made of a microcloth fabric that helps keep us cool. This carrier required no “breaking in” for me… It is just perfect out of the box. I have used this carrier to work out, Zumba and hike in as well.

I really don’t like to do things in my Embossed that put any extra strain on the carrier. That’s one more reason I bought the Air Flow. I baby the Embossed way more than the other 2. I mean it’s like the sacred one. If you are stuck and can’t decide and temperature isn’t an issue for you, I would go with Embossed hands down. It is the most expensive of the styles at $170.00. There are boutiques that have lay-a-way. I used to buy my Embossed through her lay-a-way program.

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