DIY: Yellow Chairs with Polka Dots & Zebra Print!

We were up in Seattle for a family reunion earlier this summer. While we were there we went through my grandma’s stuff at my aunt & uncle’s. It’s been 2 years since she passed away and we needed to go through her stuff to figure out what we all wanted to keep. I knew I wanted these chairs that she and my grandpa had. As much as I love the wood as it is, I wanted to spray paint them yellow. We chose Rust-Oleum Sun Yellow (Gloss). I didn’t want to sand them since I have no patience when it comes to sanding. So because we didn’t sand it, we used Rust-Oleum white spray paint & primer in 1 (satin).



Next was finding the perfect fabric. The old fabric had to go…no offense to my grandma! We went to a local fabric store and we didn’t find anything good so we went to JoAnn’s and came across the zebra fabric. You can use a good bolt cutter to cut the mesh wire. I was surprised that Tyler liked it. He insisted we go with it. My eyes refused to stop looking, I secretly wanted to find something better and right then I saw this fabric with polka dots that were the perfect size! It reminded me of Elsie’s yellow chairs with polka dots. I knew I wanted this! Tyler wasn’t going to give up his zebra fabric so we agreed to do both to mix things up. I’m so happy with how they turned out and I love them. They are really comfortable to sit on.

West Elm Globe Pendant

Remember the farm table and West Elm chandelier we hung up last year? It didn’t work out well when Christmas came because we wanted to put the Christmas tree by the window so we can see it all the time rather than have it in the other room where we’d never see it. So we switched tables and moved the small black dining table back there. After Christmas we realized we liked the farm table where it is now in the formal dining room so we left it there.

Now the problem was the West Elm chandelier looked funny with a small black dining table. So I wanted to buy the globe pendant that I’ve been eyeing from West Elm for some time now. One weekend it was 20% off so I went for it and bought it.

It took longer than expected to do this one afternoon because we had to take down the ugly chandelier in the formal dining room, take down the West Elm chandelier and put it back up in the formal dining room and then install the globe pendant.

It wasn’t easy though. At one point, the chandelier was wired wrong and almost caught on fire. Also with the globe pendant the wiring/rope was sooo long so we had to cut it before installing it.

Now it’s perfect in both rooms! Stay tuned for the next post with an update on the formal dining room.

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