Beating Vancouver weather: crafting with your kids

Living in Vancouver means dreading rainy weekends. With a very active toddler, it can be hard to get through a dreary day without any meltdowns. We usually spend a lot of our rainy days visiting Science World or the Aquarium, where there is space for kids to run about and fun things to do and see. Recently, I took to crafting with the little passenger (especially this year as summer took a while to appear…) I would not consider myself a master crafter (Nolwenn is the artist here!) but I do enjoy dabbling with paint, glue, scissors and the such so it didn’t take much to get me excited about doing arts and crafts with my kid. It was also a great way for us to spend some time together, when he can get my full attention as we work away on a project. With a little brother taking up a lot of my time, it was a nice way to reconnect.

I’ve also noticed that activities such as finger painting can be a great way to channel negative energy in my kid. When a tantrum is on the horizon, it seems like sitting him down with some paper and a couple of cups of paint will turn an ugly meltdown into 15 minutes of peace. God knows I need it with a nursing baby who never seems to want to let go of my boobs!

A lot of fun crafty activities can be done with recycled material from home and don’t necessarily cost a lot. We recently made a rain stick with a leftover mailing tube, some nails and beans. Liam had a great time hammering the nails in and glueing paper around his creation.This type of activity really promotes concentration.

Another easy one was making a paper-maché hot air balloon. Most of the materials came from the Dollar store (a balloon, some colored tissue paper, a little basket…)

I get my crafting supplies from a variety of places, Dollar stores for basic materials, Michael’s or Opus  for specialized tools and art supplies and kid’s toy stores usually have basics  like paint and crayons.

Here a two of my favourite websites for crafting ideas:

The Imagination Tree

The Crafty Crow

I also love walking by Christianne’s Lyceum on Alma and 9th avenue they always have lovely crafts hanging in their window, depending on the season it can also be a great source of ideas… Do you craft with your kids? Where do you get your inspiration from?

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