All about my strollers

So I had three babies. At once. In terms of strollers, I knew this would be either heaven or hell. Turns out its a little bit of both. Also, I have a 2 year old. So, this is what I have in my arsenal:

– Triple strollers suck and there are almost no options. I bought the Peg Perego Triplette and 3 Peg Perego Primo Viaggios. This was for almost no other reason than because I didn’t want Graco infant seats and thats what all the other triple stroller frames use. Also, I love Peg Perego.

I wont be doing a review on this because, well, how many people are really in the market for this? But hey, if you want one, you let me know. Spoiler alert: Its like driving a cruise liner. But in a good way.

best tripple strollers

– I kept the Uppababy Vista but also bought the ‘piggyback’ running board and the second seat to make it a double. I also bought car seat adapters for Peg Perego. This way I could use it for a baby and my 2 year old. Or if I only had one baby (the Vista comes standard with a great bassinet), or if we had two adults so could split babies between us.

For the other adult or if I had only two babies in a stroller I added the Baby Trend Double Snap and Go. One of the cheapest strollers in 2020 I have ever bought, and also one of the most used. We had one for our twins 7 years ago and I am happy (and surprised) to say it hasn’t changed at all. You go, Baby Trend.

babu standard stroller 2020

All it does it carry two car seats. Its light and easy and practical for Dr visits and quick trips or when you don’t want to use full bassinets. But I DO want to use full bassinets so I also got:

That’s right. I did it. We went with the Baby Jogger City Select Double. So, all the thousands of disappointed readers who I see come here from googling “Baby Jogger City Select Double review”, you will finally get one. Oh, and since I know you are wondering: we put two babies in one bassinet. More on that later because it was a TOUGH decision and I spent a lot of time with my laptop resting on my huge baby belly weighing all the options. I also got it because, darn it, I wanted something pretty and decadent and fun.

Oh, and we also still have our Aprica Presto. And, I have the Inglesina Trio Domino chassis awaiting seats and toddlers to put in them. And that’s just until they are bigger, then this will all change again.

So I will be back ASAP as I am working on the Donkey review and will also do a little about the Vista as a double/ triple. Because I know Vistas are crazy popular and are about to be even more so with the release of the Mesa car seat. Which reminds me I ALSO need to do some coverage of the ABC Show. I haven’t forgotten you!!!

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