November 09, 2012

Early 1900's Dresser Makeover...Meet Chloe

Hi there! How are ya? I haven't been posting as much as I would like the last couple of weeks, have been fighting some kind of weird little bug and feeling blah. I do have a new furniture piece to show you though and I think I'm in love!

Here is the before. The stain on the top of it was dry and flaky.  


It was structurally sound for the most part, but we did replace the bottom of one of the drawers. I just took the old drawer bottom to Lowe's, found the same thickness plywood, and the helpful Lowe's associate cut a new bottom that fit perfectly! I'm sure it varies across the country from store to store, but I LOVE our Lowe's in our little town. The associates are so knowledgeable and helpful.

I'm really sensitive to odors and boy was this poor dresser stinky! It smelled musty and old. After checking online, I used a trick another blogger swore by which was to wipe the drawers out with a vinegar and water mixture, leaving them slightly damp, and setting them out in the sun for a day or two. It really made a big difference!

I knew because the stain on top was so flaky that my best bet would be to strip it down to bare wood. This is what I used...

I liked the fact that it is "natural" and doesn't have harsh fumes. The nice lady at Lowe's (noticing a theme here? No they are not paying me to say this!) recommended it and it worked like a charm! I had a nice surprise once I got that step done. Here is a picture of the top of the dresser once I got it stripped. It was formed in strips of wood like a hardwood floor.

I used my chalk paint recipe, which you can find HERE. The paint color I used is Valspar "Cream in My Coffee". My silly trick for figuring out a color when there are 200 "cream" colors to choose from is to pick one that I like the name kidding. This is why my bedroom is painted in "Tornado Watch", the office in "Balmy", and much of the rest of the house in "Latte". Corny huh? Well, that's the way I roll.

Are you ready for the unveiling? Meet Chloe!

Here is a close up of the top. I stained it in Minwax Dark Walnut and gave it several coats of poly to protect it. This is the first piece of furniture I stripped. It was messy but surprisingly easy. I was so excited about it and very pleased with the look of it.

One more shot...

And of course, a furniture makeover isn't complete without a before and after so here it is...


Let me know what you think of Chloe. I really wanted to keep her, but I have a similar sized piece that has sentimental value that I will be working on soon so I'm selling her. :(

 Well that's it for today! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see ya next week!

Take Care,


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Erin {Home Everyday} said...

Chloe is gorgeous. I love her! That too is my favorite stripper. I used it on a book case a few months ago. Thank you so much for stopping by Home Everyday! Keep me posted on your camera search. So far we love the T3i.

Liz Marie said...

This is a beautiful dresser re-do! You did a beautiful job. I would love for you to share this at the linky party on my blog, I know my readers would love to see it! Here is the link to the party: I hope to see you at the party every week!

xx Liz Marie

Amy Marshall said...

Thank you Erin! I'm glad you stopped by my little blog. :) Have a great weekend!

Amy Marshall said...

Hi Liz Marie! Thank you so much for the invite to your linky party. I will definitely link up! Have a great weekend!

Cristina Garay said...

Wow! What an amazing transformation you gave Chloe! I love the new color, beautiful!

Stacey said...

She looks fab! What a sweet her!
Thanks for linking up today! Have a blessed weekend!
Stacey of Embracing Change

Amy Marshall said...

Hi Christina, Thank you! I'm planning on doing a dresser that belonged to my grandma in the same color I liked it so much. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Amy Marshall said...

Hi Stacey, Thanks for stopping by! I was so happy to find your linky party...thanks for hosting!

Tina from A Few Pretty Things said...

Turned out gorgeous!

Amy Marshall said...

Thank you Tina! I'm glad you stopped by! Have a great week!

Carissa Rasmussen said...

looks amazing! I love the transformation and the color is perfect! I also love the citristrip:) glad to find your blog

Amy Marshall said...

Hi Carissa! Thank you! I guess ya can't go wrong with a color called "Cream in My Coffee" ;) Thanks for visiting!

suzyq said...

This turned out gorgeous!!!
And I know exactly what you mean by the smell in old furniture - uggghhh
Those were the days of multiple smokers in every room in the house lol
Beautiful job - definitely your newest follower - would love to have you come by when you have the time and follow back!

Amy Marshall said...

Hi Suzan! I popped over to your blog and am following by email. I'm so glad we found each other's blogs! Thanks for visiting!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Chloe is just beautiful! Love the contrast with the wood top! And I've had good luck with the vinegar and sunshine combination for smelly furniture!

Amy Marshall said...

Thanks Sharon! Maybe your blog is where I heard about the vinegar and like a charm! :)

The Golden Sycamore said...

You did a beautiful job! I love the dark stained top with the creamy colored body of the dresser.


Amy Marshall said...

Hi Allison, Thank you so much! I'm glad you stopped by!

Josanne Anthony said...

Hi Amy! Stopping over from the Imparting Grace linky!
You did a lovely job on the dresser-I especially like the top!
I stripped and stained a round table I found at a thrift store, and was really pleased with how it turned out, and my daughter loved receiving it for her apartment! Refinishing furniture takes some time, and even tho I've done very little, I've always had an attraction to doing it--mainly because I've seen what people can do with the old pieces, like you did!
Have a great weekend!

Linda Leyble said...

Hi! You did a great job on the dresser. Love it. I haven't stripped any furniture yet - but if I do I will take your advice with the product you used. I hate fumes - can't take them.

Thanks for the tip that you shared from the other blogger too - I have a musty old dresser that I have to make smell better.

Found you on Redoux. I have a project on there as well - Making Realtor's Office pretty. Hope you will visit and comment!


Amy Marshall said...

Hi Linda, I'm so glad you stopped by! Thank you so much for the compliments on the has been my favorite makeover so far. :) I will definitely stop by and visit your blog today! Have a great week!

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